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Medicare Plan F – Just Say No. Complete Medicare Resource Center here: 941-505-7911
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An Overview of Medigap Plan F Supplement Plans
Medicare plans provide coverage for different medical services and products. However, these plans have gaps in coverage where Medicare only pays a certain amount, supplement insurance options such as Medigap Plan F help fill in the gaps. To help patients keep medical costs to a minimum supplement insurance is available. They are offered through private insurance companies in your state with standardized terms. The terms help keep premium costs competitive.
Details You Should Know about Plan F
When private insurance companies offer supplement policies information should be concise, clear and easy to understand. There are multiple plan options besides Plan F, but this plan is a common option because of costs it helps cover. This and other Medigap plans offer benefits and basic coverage costs that vary. Prescription drug medications are not covered under these policies. Beneficiaries may consider Part D drug coverage through Medicare.
Plan F is considered a high deductible plan. Applicants will need to consider their income and ability to make required premium payments when enrolling. Plan F will not cover costs left over from Medicare until you satisfy the deductible for your Medicare plan. This includes out-of-pocket costs. The plan may cover excess costs not covered by Medicare.
Medigap Plan F Benefits You Receive
There are several benefits beneficiaries will enjoy with Plan F. Medicare Part A deductible, hospice coinsurance or copayment, nursing care facilities coinsurance, and Part A coinsurance costs for hospital stay 365 days after Medicare exhausted costs will be covered 100 percent. Part B coinsurance or copayment, preventative care coinsurance, deductible, and excess charges will be covered 100 percent. Additional services such as first 3 pints of blood and foreign travel medical emergencies are fully covered. Keep in mind these benefits kick in after you have satisfied your plan deductible. These are details you should compare with other supplement insurance policies before buying.
What is Required to Purchase Plan F?
When an applicant is interested in purchasing Medigap Plan F they should be enrolled in Part A and B Medicare plans. It is recommended to enroll in Plan F when enrolling in Medicare, but you have the option to sign up when you are ready. Part B has a monthly premium you will continue paying when approved for supplement insurance. You can purchase a plan for yourself but if you are married your spouse needs to purchase their own if they meet qualifications.
The plan policy terms information is the same no matter which insurance company you choose to have a plan with. The issue here is to compare rates since some can vary. This plan is not to be confused with Medicare Advantage (Part C). You are not allowed to have the Advantage plan with a supplement insurance policy. However, if you are canceling Medicare Advantage you can sign up for a supplement plan. You can sign up for a supplement plan if you are making a switch from a previous Medigap option.


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Medicare healthcare medical billing insurance Fraud

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Medical Billing:- Medicare as Primary Insurance

This Video is published to help others to enhance their Medical billing knowledge. Our mission is to simplify the medical billing process and this tutorial shows the basics in a simple way of understanding when does Medicare Act as Primary Payer ?
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1- A person does not have any other insurance & there is no Liability or No-Fault coverage
2- A person is covered by his employer-sponsored retiree plan.
3- An Individual whose only other insurance is Medigap insurance.
4- Patient has both Medicare and Medicaid.

AARP Medicare Insurance Information : Medicare Insurance Questions

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AARP Medicare Insurance is designed for people over a certain age. Get AARP Medicare insurance information with help from an insurance agent in the areas of health and life in this free video clip.

Expert: Tom Dyar
Filmmaker: Ilya Eliseev

Series Description: It’s always important to get answers to your pertinent Medicare insurance questions before locking yourself into any particular policy. Get answers to your Medicare insurance questions with help from an insurance agent in the areas of health and life in this free video series.

What is Medicare Supplement Insurance?

What is Medicare Supplement Insurance? Complete Medicare Resource Center here:

Understanding Medicare Supplement Insurance and How It Works with Medicare Coverage
Medicare supplement insurance can help pay coinsurance, deductibles and copayments not covered by Medicare. This form of coverage is available through different policies ranging from letter A through N. Also known as Medigap because they cover gaps left behind from original Medicare, this plan may include coverage your Medicare plan doesn’t offer such as foreign travel coverage if you get sick overseas. These plans are different from Medicare Advantage; this plan is similar to Part A, B and D but offers plans through private companies to use in network.
Information to Know about Medicare Supplement Insurance
When using this plan you should be enrolled in Part A and B Medicare plans. Plan C or Medicare Advantage cannot be used with supplement insurance, but you can sign up for Medigap if you are leaving the Advantage plan. The supplement insurance requires a monthly premium and this is in addition to the premium paid with Part B. Each policy is designed to cover one person. If you are married your spouse needs to apply for their own plan.
Supplement insurance for Medicare is available through private companies in your state. The policy is renewable and it never cancels unless you stop making payments. Part D provides coverage for prescription medicines; supplement insurance does not cover this cost. This insurance does not cover services such as private nursing, dental and vision care, and long term care. Items such as eyeglasses and hearing aids are not covered.
Clarifying This Insurance: What It Is Not
Medicare supplement insurance is a completely different health insurance option from others available or provided by the government. This is not to be confused with Medicaid, Medicare Advantage plans with PPO or HMO, long-term care coverage, or prescription drug coverage affiliated with Medicare. Supplement plans provide different levels of coverage based on fees and costs Medicare covers. You can sign up for supplemental coverage when enrolling in Part A or B coverage. This coverage is not the same as an MSA plan (Medicare Medical Savings Account). It is illegal for a company to offer a supplement policy to customers with an MSA.
Why This Plan Gets Mixed Up with Medicare Advantage
A supplement policy for Medicare offers coverage that picks up uncovered costs left by Medicare Plan A or B. The Advantage plan is known as Part C. You cannot use both options (Medigap and Medicare Advantage) at the same time. Drug coverage is not covered under supplement insurance, but policies issued before 2006 may have this option. Part C has plans offering drug coverage you can choose from. There are similar factors that lead others to believe the plans are the same. They both offer similar plans with different coverage amounts people can choose from. The supplement policy has a monthly premium. Part C has copay or other costs you may be responsible for if not covered by Medicare.


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Roemer Insurance continues to help area Seniors transition to Medicare

Roemer Insurance is a provider of Medicare Supplement policies for seniors in the Toledo area and has the experience required to manage the highly regulated, government-overseen senior health insurance products.
At a time when fewer and fewer insurance agents are able to devote the time necessary to gain the knowledge required to help seniors understand their Medicare options, Roemer Insurance remains poised to help seniors make a smooth transition to Medicare. Click on the video for full interview.

What is the Medicare Part D Coverage Gap? | The Medicare Part D Coverage Gap, or “Donut Hole,” can be confusing.

SilverScript® Insurance Company can close that knowledge gap and help you understand what the four Medicare coverage stages are and how they can affect your Medicare Part D costs.
This video provides more information on the four Medicare coverage stages, including the Annual Deductible Stage, the Initial Coverage Stage, the Coverage Gap and the Catastrophic Coverage Stage.

For more information on Medicare and Medicare Part D, visit

This information is available for free in other languages. Please call our Customer Care number at 1-855-275-6493 (TTY: 1-866-552-6288), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Esta información está disponible gratuitamente en otros idiomas. Llame a nuestro Servicio al Miembro, al 1-855-275-6493 (teléfono de texto (TTY): 1-866-552-6288), las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana.
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