Miscellaneous Ramblings of Varying Coherence

Stepping Away From Facebook

written by Don Albrecht on 2017-12-04

Over the summer I started to notice just how much time I was spending on Facebook. Partly, I think it was my reading of Ben Thompson's Stratechery that made me most acutely aware of it. Facebook capitalizes on attention; it succeeds on mobile by...

Treat Your Data Like Caviar

written by Don Albrecht on 2017-11-15

Recently, I was served 11 Madison’s park take on eggs Benedict. A truly decadent dish involving quails egg, ham, asparagus, and caviar all served in an attractive Art Deco tin. True to tradition, the utensil was an elegant Mother of Pearl spoon. ...

Don't Sell Your Company, Sell Your Proposal

written by Don Albrecht on 2013-12-03

Nothing makes me zone out faster than the service company pitch that opens with 10 minutes on the history of the firm, a highlights real and a dozen previous project slides kicking off the pitch deck. By all means, throw some of that content at the...

The Slow Road To Positive Deviations

written by Don Albrecht on 2013-08-02

Everyone loves the big bang. There's that launch party that lives forever in office lore; the one where everyone on the dev team wore orange hard hats and the CEO led the toast. There's the slick poster from last years open enrollment campaign...

Admitting Failure Before a Project Begins

written by Don Albrecht on 2012-04-02

Here's a slightly counterintuitive project management tip for you: fail before you begin. I'm not talking about a big failure, but a small one; something that you as the PM or one of your compatriots could easily sweep under the rug as being...

The Right To Be Forgotten

written by Don Albrecht on

The amount of information compiled on all of us is truly astonishing. From the giant highly visible data troves of facebook, google, the credit agencies powering modern financial systems and the shadowy marketing companies tracking our digital...