Mar 2017 - Present

Manager Data Services

Avant Inc — Chicago IL
  • Led 8 Person Data Services team responsible for all Data Engineering company wide..
  • Transitioned traditional Data Warehouse to 100% Open Source Data Lake running on Hadoop, Presto, Spark & AWS.
  • Integrated Streaming, Presto and related technologies with customer facing web applications.
  • Interfaced modern Hadoop architecture with legacy COBOL Mainframe credit card processing infrastructure
Jun 2016 - Mar 2017

Principal Architect

Nielsen Marketing Analytics — Evanston IL
  • Acted as architect for next-generation analytics platform for all Buy related business divisions.
  • Worked across the organization on the development of a shared enterprise data model
  • Led team dedicated to making the Data Lake and related big data technologies available to analysts in an accessible way
  • Managed migration of existing analytics workflows from C# & SAS to Python, R, Scala, Java & Spark.
Mar 2015 - Jun 2016

Sr. Data Engineer

Nielsen Marketing Analytics — Evanston IL
  • Led Development of next generation Multi-Touch Attribution product on Spark / Python.
  • Worked closely with combined development & analysis teams to transition legacy models from SAS / C# to Spark, Scala & Python.
Jun 2012 - Feb 2015

Data Science Developer

Cognitive Capital — Chicago IL
  • Implemented Hadoop Infrastructure.
  • Migrated trading system trade & performance analysis from ad hoc sampling script to nightly analysis of all messages via MapReduce.
  • Leveraged MongoDB to create firm wide analysis and reporting cache to support Quant workflows.
  • Built next-generation tick data store using Parquet / Impala
  • Created content managements system for interactive visualisations and the simplified creation of reports Led Deployment of Spark to enable quant workloads on Hadoop.



University of Rochester

(Cultural Anthropology)


Big Data

Data Architecture

Data Governance

Data Science


Mentorship / Coaching


Project Management

Systems Design

Buzzword Bingo

  • Airflow, Ansible, AWS, Azure, Big Data Strategy, Cassandra, Cloud Architectures, Cobol, Data Analysis, Database Design, Data Modeling, Data Science, Data Warehousing, DevOps, Docker, Git, Golang, Hadoop, HDFS, Hive, Impala, Mesos, Java, Javascript, Luigi, MongoDB, Nifi, NoSQL, Oozie, Presto, Program Management, Project Management, Python, Hadoop, RabbitMQ, Redis, Scala, Spark, Terraform, Visualization, Web Development